Date: Fall 2019, 10 am - 1 pm 
Location: 100 Braid St Studios (100 Braid St., New Westminster, BC)

Fee: $45
The Tree is one of the most loved and universal symbols. It is a common motif in various theologies, mythologies and beliefs. Most often it is associated with the human journey from ignorance to consciousness. 
The Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge, and what will your Tree be about? Maybe the Tree of Love, or the Tree of Health, or the Tree of Success in your endeavour or practice. Be it your practice, hobby, health, profession, or relationship, you will be able to create your own picture of development and connect your resources with the desired results, opportunities and goals.
In this project-based workshop, Instructor of Neurographica Alina Smolyansky, will guide you through a step-by-step process of drawing a NeuroTree. You will create your own tree and thus will be able to nourish any area of your life that you would like to strengthen and develop. Moreover, this process doesn’t stop with one theme and one Tree. Once you know the technique, you will be able to apply it again and again and as a result significantly transform your life. 
No art or drawing skills are required. The class is open to everyone. Materials (paper, markers, colouring pencils will be provided). 
Registration: Click here Eventbrite
$10 OFF Early registration before July 22, 2019 
Neuro Tree - Drawing the Tree of Your Dreams - Workshop with Alina Smolyansky, Neuro Creative Life
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