Date: Pre-recorded course
Location: ONLINE
Registration (via Let There Be Light Art & Classes): Please follow this link.
Fee Light: $75 - video recordings only
Fee Classic: $175 - video
recordings, Q&A via email, review of 4 assignments (drawings), 30 min one-on-one Q&A via Zoom, certificate of completion.
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NeuroComposition is one of the key algorithms in Neurographica and is offered only once a year. Practical exercises and homework.
Prerequisites: Completion of the Certified Basic User of Neurographica Course. Please contact the instructor (Alina) if you haven't completed it.
Composition in art is an arrangement of elements in a unifying way that makes a final result effective. Practically speaking, composition is the relation between the elements of the picture, and this relationship is the first thing that we notice. Every artwork has some composition. However, we either create it consciously or by accident.
NeuroComposition is a deliberate arrangement of elements that represent our mental reality and experiences that will become the basis for subsequent thinking. It’s important to learn how to create harmony on a sheet of paper, so that this harmony appears in real life. This is what we are going to study in this course.
Topics :
- The geometric alphabet (circle, triangle, square, line);
- The principles of conceptual drawing;- Compositions of emotional states;
- The laws of composition (the rule of thirds, the golden mean, patterns and symmetry, contrast and nuance).
- Composition exercises.
NeuroComposition is part of the Instructor of Neurographica professional program.
Modules (Advanced Courses in Neurographica)
NeuroComposition (the geometric alphabet, the laws of composition: the rule of thirds, the golden mean, patterns, etc)
NeuroColour (the Five element theory, interaction between colors, using the energy of colours in Neurographica) 
NeuroSketching (Sketching, fast drawing, the use of Neurographic line, NeuroPortrait, using images in Neurographica)
NeuroMandala (using mandalas/sacred geometry in Neurographica, the Ancestral Mandala, the Hero's Journey)
NeuroHuman (the Metamodern human theory, personal development, the pyramid of development)
NeuroContact (personal communication, communication with groups and ideas, conflict resolution, etc.)
NeuroGoal (setting goals and visualizing results for personal and professional development)
NeuroTime ( time management, the past and the future, combining all the knowledge)
These courses can be taken separately: a completion of the Basic User Course is required.Discount is available if you register for more than one course. A special price for the entire package of all the algorithms.
Drawing materials: smooth paper (letter size or A4, a few pages, markers, colouring pencils.
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