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NeuroGraphica (TM) is an effective art method open to everyone. Combining art and psychology, it provides you with a direct access to your inner self (the subconscious). The course will teach the various steps and drawing techniques that will enable you to ease stress, increase vitality, and remove inner blocks and limitations you may not be consciously aware of. We will learn the 3 versions of the algorithm for Removing Inner Constraints, a powerful technique for resolving issues related to limiting beliefs and for increasing creativity and vitality. 
No art or drawing skills are required, no need to verbalize your goals and themes, no need to share your emotions.
This course is the foundation of the method and the pre-requisite for the advanced follow-up courses. 
The NeuroGraphica User is Level 1. Level 2 (Specialist) and Level 3 (Instructor) grant the right to teach.
Please contact me in you are interested in Level 2 and 3 as well. 

Modules (Advanced Courses in Neurographica): 
– NeuroComposition (the geometric alphabet, the laws of composition: the rule of thirds, the golden mean, patterns, etc)
– NeuroColour (the Five element theory, interaction between colors, using the energy of colours in Neurographica) 
– NeuroSketching (Sketching, fast drawing, the use of Neurographic line, NeuroPortrait, using images in Neurographica)
– NeuroMandala (using mandalas/sacred geometry in Neurographica, the Ancestral Mandala, the Hero's Journey)
– NeuroHuman (the Metamodern human theory, personal development, the pyramid of development)
– NeuroContact (personal communication, communication with groups and ideas, conflict resolution, etc.)
– NeuroGoal (setting goals and visualizing results for personal and professional development)
– NeuroTime ( time management, the past and the future, combining all the knowledge)
Special price for the entire package of all the modules (8 courses)
These courses can be taken separately: a completion of the Basic User Course is required.
No previous drawing experience. 
Discount is available if you register for more than one course.
Please prepare drawing materials: smooth paper (letter size or A4, a few pages, markers, colouring pencils. 
This course is intended for personal use (without the right to teach). 
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Example: Working with a limiting belief using the Algorithm of Removing Inner Constrains

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