Artist – creates art with intent. After 12 years of studying and practicing the ancient art of icon painting, which is intended to establish dialogue with the subconscious mind through archetypes (sacred images), continued into the most innovative art of Neurographica that communicates with the sub-conscious through simple shapes and special lines. 
Practical Dreamer – turns fantasies into reality. From a career in finance and building engineering – to professional writing and translating – to visual arts (a full-time artist and art instructor, member of the Federation of Canadian Artists). 
Seeker – believes that every life is a search for something very special. Studied and practiced Yoga and meditation, Kabbalah, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and some other ancient spiritual traditions as well as modern personal development methods. 
Academic credentials: BA in Professional Communication (RRU), Diplomas in Architecture and Writing.
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Alina Smolyansky, Artist and Instructor of Neurographica

Alina Smolyansky holding her drawing the NeuroTree of Life

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